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This has to be the masterpiece of film making – Fritz Lang’s Metropolis was made in 1927 – incredibly he was using some of the earliest techniques in special effects for movies – mirroring, superimposing etc, even the Robot looks … Lees verder

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I Robot×313/swfLink:

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Le Voyage Dans La Lune

The Moon has fascinated mankind throughout the ages. By simply viewing with the naked eye, one can discern two major types of terrain: relatively bright highlands and darker plains. By the middle of the 17th century, Galileo and other early … Lees verder

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Video M!SS CRAZY-My Way

A generation ago, historic rock artists like Alice Cooper, David Bowie, and KISS showed your parents that they were not living in the 50’s or 60’s anymore. These legendary acts incorporated stunning imagery and stage theatrics to elevate the standards … Lees verder

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don’t you drive too fast!LhC85GnYfD4tBXsa3vA5liOQUT9KmFHIIZ/v.aspx

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Maakies focuses on the darkly comic misadventures of Uncle Gabby (a “drunken Irish monkey”[1]) and Drinky Crow (a crow), two antiheroes with a propensity for drunkenness, violence, suicide, and venereal disease. According to Millionaire, “Maakies is me spilling my guts… … Lees verder

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A visit to friends the whole series in april on

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